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Carole Lees, Artist (4 works)

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Roses Are Red

Height 68cm x Width 66cm

Oil on Wood

Genre: Still Life

Live Show Location: 66

© Carole Lees

NRN# 000-1325-0162-01

Exhibit# 1469

Apple Blossom Time

Height 63cm x Width 53cm

Oil on Canvas Board

Genre: Contemporary

Live Show Location: 89

© Carole Lees

NRN# 000-1325-0163-01

Exhibit# 1467

Bicheno, Tasmania

Height 49cm x Width 55cm

Oil on Wood

Genre: Seascape

Live Show Location: 34

© Carole Lees

NRN# 000-1325-0165-01

Exhibit# 1468

Sunset On The Mitta

Height 30cm x Width 61cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Landscape

Live Show Location: 61

© Carole Lees

NRN# 000-1325-0173-01

Exhibit# 1470