Gala night Opening January 21

Show running from Friday Jan 22- 26 2021

Virtual Show: Jan 24- 31 2021

Peter Schmidli, Artist (4 works)

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The Clearing

Height 46cm x Width 61cm

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

© Peter Schmidli

NRN# 000-40040-0142-01

Exhibit# 1712

At The End Of The Day

Height 77cm x Width 91cm

Acrylic on Canvas

© Peter Schmidli

NRN# 000-40040-0143-01

Exhibit# 1710

A Cockatoo Or Three

Height 41cm x Width 29cm

Gouache on Paper

© Peter Schmidli

NRN# 000-40040-0144-01

Exhibit# 1709

Nocturnal Flame

Height 45cm x Width 76cm

Oil on Canvas

© Peter Schmidli

NRN# 000-40040-0145-01

Exhibit# 1711